Course List

Undergraduate Business Course List

Listing of courses offered to Undergraduate Business students at the Tepper School of Business.

    • 70393 Open Innovation

    • 70395 Funding Entrepreneurial Ventures

      So you want to do a startup and you know that you need funding. There are multiple ways to fund a new venture: bootstrapping, economic development, angels, venture capitalists. The question is what are these funders looking for in an early stage investment? What is important to them? How do they dec... Read More
    • 70397 Introduction to Entrepreneurial Finance

    • 70398 International Finance

      International Finance is an elective course designed to give students the opportunity to analyze real-world problems in international capital markets. Topics covered include: exchange rate determination and quoting, international parity relations, foreign exchange hedging strategies using forwards a... Read More
    • 70401 Management Game

      This course is designed to integrate the managerial concepts and techniques studied earlier in the curriculum and to focus on elements of organizational structure and behavior. Student teams assume the role of top management of firms competing in an international economy simulated by the Carnegie Me... Read More
    • 70414 Entrepreneurship for Engineers

      This introductory course in entrepreneurship primarily targets non-business students and assumes no background in business. Students majoring in science, computer science, engineering, the humanities or the arts are exposed to fundamental concepts and issues around innovation and entrepreneurship. T... Read More
    • 70415 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

      This course is designed primarily to provide an overview of entrepreneurship, develop an entrepreneurial frame of mind and learn the rudiments of how to differentiate an idea from an opportunity. Students come up with a business idea and explore its potential for becoming a viable business. They lea... Read More
    • 70416 New Venture Creation

      This course exposes students to the nuances of financing new ventures, getting them started legally and marketing their products or services. Students pull together all the ideas and information from different functional aspects of their projects into coherent and persuasive mini-business plans that... Read More
    • 70417 Topics in Entrepreneurship

    • 70419 Entrepreneurship Practicum: Apprentice

    • 70420 Entrepreneurship for Scientists

      Entrepreneurship for Scientists is an introductory course in entrepreneurship. The course primarily targets non-business students and assumes no background in business. Students majoring in science, computer science, engineering, the humanities or the arts are exposed to fundamental concepts and iss... Read More
    • 70421 Entrepreneurship for Computer Scientists

      This course is primarily for non-business school students; it includes most of 70-415, assumes no background courses in business and involves additional sessions for core business concepts. Students with majors in science, technology, engineering or computer science are exposed to fundamental concep... Read More
    • 70422 Managerial Accounting

      The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the measurement and allocation of costs. Emphasis will be given to the use of cost information in decision making in organizations. The course will cover standard topics in cost accounting, such as cost behavior and relevant costs, and will... Read More
    • 70423 Technology-based Entrepreneurship

    • 70424 Corporate Financial Reporting

      This course is designed to strengthen your ability to correctly interpret financial statements and their accompanying disclosures. The course is aimed at anyone whose career might involve working with accounting data, and should be especially useful for those interested in consulting and financial a... Read More
    • 70425 Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries

      This is an introductory course designed primarily for undergraduates in the College of Fine Arts who want to create new businesses, products, services, or thriving careers as independent artists. Students can expect to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, learn how creative firms and industries are s... Read More
    • 70427 Modern Banks: Strategy and Regulation

      This course focuses on (1) the financial statement analysis of banks and bank-like financial institutions (thrifts, mortgage banks, and commercial banks); and (2) the accounting and disclosure rules for financial instruments they hold (interest rate risk disclosures, loan loss disclosures, fair valu... Read More
    • 70428 Financial Statement Analysis

      This course is about fundamental analysis using financial statements. We develop and apply technologies for understanding and identifying firm activities that generate shareholder value and for developing valuation benchmarks. The ultimate goal of such analysis is to aid the security valuation and r... Read More
    • 70430 International Management

      This course uses the case method to examine the strategic and operational issues in management practice and decision-making that are important in operating a business that spans national borders.  Topics include political and economic risk assessment, technology transfer, cultural analysis, neg... Read More
    • 70434 Working in Teams

      Working in Teams Course Description Groups and teams are ubiquitous in our personal and professional lives. This course explores the processes and dynamics of teams, including individual responsibilities of team members. This is an interactive, discussion- and activity-intensive course. Theory and p... Read More