Study Abroad

See the world by studying abroad with Undergraduate Business.

The Undergraduate Business program strongly encourages study abroad. We believe immersion is the best (and most exciting) way to learn about different cultures and the people who make up global societies. In today’s global business culture, study abroad is a capstone experience in business education for broadening and deepening students’ knowledge and application of key business skills, such as leadership, team building, negotiation, cross-cultural project management and new business development.

Reasons to study abroad

  • Expand your network outside of the U.S.
  • Study business topics from a regional, non-U.S. perspective
  • Fulfill certain breadth requirements, such as Cultural Analysis or Political and Social Institutions
  • Fulfill certain minor requirements
  • Increase fluency in another language

Study abroad can be experienced in many locations and is limited only by students’ interests for exploration and challenge. Each year, roughly ten to fifteen percent of business students travel abroad to experience business management in a variety of economies and cultures.

Departmental Exchanges For Study Abroad

While our students may study in many different countries, our program has six exchange partnerships with institutions that offer excellent academics and student services:

For additional information on resources for study abroad, please visit the Carnegie Mellon Office of International Education website.