Carnegie Mellon is the place where the disciplines merge, and the imagination soars.  We don't study innovation - we do it.  We are a rare campus that understands the power of collaboration.

carnegie mellon campus

Carnegie Mellon

From the annual Carnival Weekend to the painting of the fabled Fence, Carnegie Mellon University features a unique culture where students can shape their own paths to learn and grow into their best selves. Undergraduate Business students are highly connected to the multifaceted Carnegie Mellon community.

We believe in a rich undergraduate experience and encourage our students to pursue involvement and leadership positions across the school and in university organizations. The Tepper School is represented in some of the most influential campus activities, from the student newspaper, The Tartan, to varsity and intramural sports, student government and Greek Life, where students collaborate across cultures and interests, and develop new, marketable skills.

There is rarely one path toward self-discovery, and we take an interest in each student’s aims and interests in order to provide a transformational, rewarding experience. The Tepper School partners with each of the seven colleges at Carnegie Mellon to provide access to research centers, capstone projects and various initiatives that complement business and management. Undergraduate business courses are in demand by students outside of the business school, and many students pursue an additional major or a minor in business.

The university has an exceptional reputation for world-class offerings in engineering, computer science, robotics, art and entertainment, life sciences and music, and we ensure that there are no barriers for our students to experience and explore the entire campus.

Tepper students quickly become familiar with The Exchange, a deli located on the first floor of the Tepper School, but the Carnegie Mellon campus features a variety of specialized dining locations, eschewing the traditional residential dining hall in favor of individual eateries representing many cultures and dietary needs, from Indian and Japanese to vegetarian and kosher.

There is something for every student of the Tepper School at Carnegie Mellon.