The Carnegie Mellon campus has a noticeable culture - one that encourages students to pursue innovation and collaboration, connecting and engaging with the various colleges and programs.

students between classes on fall day

Carnegie Mellon

Life at the Tepper School of Business is more than going to classes and doing homework; it is about learning - both inside and outside of the classroom.  Your four college years will impact your lives in ways that you may not be able to currently imagine.  You will most likely discover, change, or refine your life, intellectual, and career interests many times during these four years.  Our goal is to support your curiosity and exploration in your academic subjects, but also in our life. We bring to you a liberal-arts education that will prepare you to think analytically, ethically, and creatively.  At the same time, we understand that you are developing interests and ideas about what will happen after you graduate.  To address these questions, we bring to you a wide range of career exploration workshops, networking opportunities, and an open door to talk with faculty, advisors, and mentors.