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Innovation and Technology



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Global organizations and their leaders understand that a strong IT backbone not only supports a thriving business, but importantly, fosters innovation and growth. They also realize that a vibrant IT capability can move beyond facilitation into a strategic driving position, further enhancing a healthy bottom line.

To maintain and increase their edge, these leaders look to Tepper School Executive Education at Carnegie Mellon, a university that holds the singular position as a front-runner in all three contributing disciplines — computer science, business and design. 

With access to Carnegie Mellon's foremost faculty, research and cutting-edge technologies, Tepper School Executive Education can help IT leadership innovate to improve your organization’s agility, efficiency and ultimate success.

Partner with us to customize a program in Innovation and Technology for your corporate team of 15 or more at our campus facility, your site, online or a hybrid delivery.


  • Emergent and high value IT
  • Building innovation portfolios
  • Corporate entrepreneurship, start-up models, new business networks
  • Enabling analytics across the enterprise
  • Human side of technology innovation
  • Digital transformation
  • Design thinking
  • Emerging role of CIO
  • Super flexible innovation teams


 Michael Shamos

Michael Shamos Distinguished Career Professor School of Computer Science, Director eBusiness Technology Program Distinguished Career Professor, School of Computer Science; Director eBusiness Technology Program

Kannan Srivivasan

Kannan Srivivasan, Rohet Tolani Distinguished Professor in International Business, H.J. Heinz II, Professor of Management, Marketing and Information Systems Rohet Tolani Distinguished Professor in International Business,
H.J. Heinz II, Professor of Management, Marketing
and Information Systems

Dave Mawhinney

Dave Mawhinney Executive Director of the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship; Associate Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies

Peter Boatwright

Peter Boatwright Allan D. Shocker Professor of Marketing and New Product
Development; Co-Director, Integrated Innovation Institute


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