The Tepper Custom Program Experience

Cutting-edge research combined with real-world application is what makes the Tepper School Custom Program Experience unique.
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At Carnegie Mellon, academic excellence is merged with practicable business experience directly translated for implementation that solves real problems.

Real Partnership

Because we understand that every organization has unique issues and opportunities, we ensure that every Tepper School Executive Education partner receives a custom program structure and experience.

We work hand-in-hand to reach your developmental goals – through program development, during program sessions, application and implementation, and continuous improvement. Our client partners represent a diverse range of industries. At the Tepper School, we value “going deep” to build knowledge and capability for the long haul.

Real Application

Tepper School Executive Education programs are a unique opportunity to put pioneering research into practice for your organization. Far from passive classroom instruction, we facilitate application of newfound knowledge and skillsets to your current enterprise challenges.

Real Expertise

We don’t dilute our competitive advantage. We focus on state-of-the-art, innovative and impactful capabilities in Advanced Analytics, Leadership for Women and Innovation and Technology. At the same time, we are helping companies develop general managers that think strategically and can translate data modelling into profitable decisions.

Areas of Focus