Partner With the Tepper School

Invest in building strong corporate partnerships.

Our Corporate Associates Program offers corporations increased visibility through partnership with the Tepper School of Business.


A Corporate Associate alliance with the Tepper School of Business ensures your company remains among the most visible within the Tepper School community of students, faculty, alumni and industry leaders who represent companies from around the globe. We celebrate the members of this leadership giving society by offering Corporate Associates:

  • Customized strategic planning and branding
  • Early access to preferred on-campus recruiting dates
  • Early access to student club leaders and sponsorship calendars
  • Recognition on Corporate Associate donor board in main student hallway
  • Recognition on Corporate Associate donor list in the fall edition of the Tepper magazine
  • Company name and company link on Tepper School’s website 

We are grateful to our current Corporate Associates for their continued support.

"It's great to know this interactive approach works with the students. Their feedback helps us remain energized as well. Look forward to working with your team again!"

— Recruiter, Deloitte

About the Tepper School

Founded in 1949, the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University is a pioneer in the field of management science and analytical-decision making. The school’s notable contributions to the intellectual community include nine Nobel laureates.

The school is among those institutions with the highest rate of academic citations in the fields of finance, operations research, organizational behavior and production/operations. The academic offerings of the Tepper School include undergraduate studies in business and economics, graduate studies in business administration and financial engineering, and doctoral studies.

"Loved our participation in the GFA Boot Camp! Definitely keep us in mind for sponsorship next year!"

— University Relations Representative, PNC