Campus Map and Directions

  • The Tepper School of Business is located on the Carnegie Mellon University campus at the corner of Tech and Frew Streets, adjacent to Schenley Park. Our campus is approximately 45 minutes from the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport. Due to driving distance and early morning traffic congestion, it is extremely difficult to fly into Pittsburgh on the morning of your recruiting date. Late arrivals cause difficulties for students who choose their interview times according to class schedules. Therefore, we encourage recruiters to fly to Pittsburgh on the evening before the recruiting date. We recommend taxis instead of rental cars. Major road construction projects may affect commuting to Oakland and we strongly recommend consulting for the most updated detour information.
  • There are plenty of options for places to stay in Pittsburgh, and even more great dining options. Review our list of recommended accommodations.
  • The most convenient parking will be metered parking (City of Pittsburgh) located at the corner of Tech and Frew Streets, near Posner Hall, where the Tepper School of Business is located. Additional parking is available in the East Campus Garage on Forbes Avenue and Beeler Street. If you are driving, and plan to park in the East Campus Garage, please reserve parking through the COC at least three weeks in advance and enter the garage at the Forbes Avenue driveway entrance. To make reservations for the East Campus Garage, or if you have any questions, please contact the Front Desk Coordinator at or 412-268-2278.
  • If you choose to park at the meters on either Tech or Frew Streets, Posner Hall/the Tepper School of Business is located at the corner of these two streets. If you park in the East Campus Garage, exit the back of the garage toward the track and football field. Stay to the right of the field and proceed toward Margaret Morrison Hall, which is located to the left of the tennis courts. Cut directly through the building and exit from the other side. Proceed to the right and up the steps to the Tepper School of Business. You will enter on the ground floor of Posner Hall and can either take the steps or the elevator (located to your left) to the first floor where you will find the COC lobby, Suite 149.