The Power of You

The Power of You

Your potential. Your dreams and ambitions. Your next 40 years.

The personal stakes are high. Your MBA must surpass the expectations of every company, boss, board, job title, global assignment, and team you work with for the rest of your career. See videos that reflect The Power of You through our students and alumni.
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    • MBA Student Testimonial: Alex

      MBA Student Testimonial: Alex

      Alexander Brown, MBA ’15, discusses how the Tepper School endowed him with new leadership skills to move forward in his career.

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    • MBA Alumnus Testimonial: Sahaj

      MBA Alumnus Testimonial: Sahaj

      Sahaj Madhav, MBA ’14, explains the way his new analytical abilities are helping him to make a lasting impact on the world.

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    • MBA Alumna Testimonial: Shruti

      MBA Alumna Testimonial: Shruti

      Shruti Shah, MBA ’11, shares how being at a small school helped her stay open to new opportunities to create value in her career.

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    • MBA Student Testimonial: Fang

      MBA Student Testimonial: Fang

      Fang Zhang, MBA ’15, expresses her appreciation for the opportunity to collaborate with peers across the Carnegie Mellon campus.

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    • MBA Student Testimonial: Monique

      MBA Student Testimonial: Monique

      Monique Benoit, MBA ’15, describes how the diversity of skills of the Tepper School community helps its students achieve success.

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    • MBA Student Testimonial: Stefan

      MBA Student Testimonial: Stefan

      Stefan Boyd, MBA ’15, reflects on the rich academic and extracurricular experience he has leveraged to build a business skillset.

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    • MBA Student Testimonial: Jamo

      MBA Student Testimonial: Jamo

      Jahmackonen Benoit, MBA ’15, shares his unforeseen appreciation for strong personal relationships he built at the Tepper School.

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    • MBA Student Testimonial: Anshul

      MBA Student Testimonial: Anshul

      Anshul Agrawal, MBA ’15, expresses how the Tepper School gave him the confidence to collaborate with highly motivated people.

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