Dean Robert Dammon, professor of financial economics, oversees the Tepper School's academic, research and strategic direction working closely with faculty, students, administration, alumni and companies around the globe.

Dean Robert Dammon

Our Leadership

The combination of small size and vast intellectual capital has been a powerful advantage for the Tepper School of Business. Our global reputation for pioneering academic approaches to analytical decision-making has resulted in many academic innovations that distinguish our faculty, students and alumni as leaders and high-performance problem-solvers.

Our aim is to become one of the world’s most innovative learning and research environments. Guiding this exciting journey are Dean Robert Dammon, the ninth dean of the business school and professor of financial economics; Alan Scheller-Wolf, senior associate dean of faculty and research and the Richard M. Cyert Professor of Operations Management; and Sevin Yeltekin, senior associate dean of education and professor of economics.

A notable characteristic of the Tepper School is that, unlike many senior school administrators, all Tepper School deans maintain their teaching schedules during their tenure as deans. Their commitment to staying in the classroom underscores our culture of knowledge discovery and high-impact coursework.

Supporting the Tepper School’s Dean’s Office is a faculty community of more than 110 professors representing nearly a dozen different disciplines, many of whom have the distinction as being the most respected researchers and academicians in their respective fields, according to research citations, editorial positions with peer-reviewed journals, and global assignments with legislative, financial, economics, medical and academic institutions.