Tepper Quad Rendering

Architecture and Design


Architect & Building Team

Lead Architect
Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners

Construction Manager
PJ Dick

Associate Architect
Renaissance 3 Architects

MEP, Structural and Sustainability Engineer
Buro Happold

Civil Engineer

Acoustical and A/V Designer

Building Specifications

Total square feet
305,000 square feet

North Wing
92,405 square feet

55,380 square feet

South Wing
144,510 square feet



The Tepper Quad will be built on a 4.5-acre space on the existing Morewood parking lot at the intersection of Morewood Avenue and Forbes Avenue and will cost approximately $201 million to complete.

With an additional 158,000 square feet, the new building will be more than twice the size of the current Tepper School of Business building. The 147,000 square foot building that currently houses the Tepper School could fit in just the north wing and hub of the new location.

Key Design Principles

  • The building will also feature flexible, multi-purpose spaces, promoting collaboration and connection throughout the building and across campus.
  • The Quad will create a HUB that interconnects undergraduate and graduate teaching facilities, faculty and staff offices and interactive spaces for entrepreneurial activities.
  • The building’s modern design, open spaces and abundance of windows and natural light will accommodate the needs of many different groups and individuals across the Carnegie Mellon community. 
  • Smart technologies with regard to sustainability will be reinforced within the very structure of the building. The floors will be constructed using a voided slab methodology, making use of lighter materials and reducing the amount of effort required to heat and cool the building over time. By placing hollow plastic balls made from recycled materials between two reinforcing steel layers within the concrete, voided slab eliminates excess use of concrete and allows for longer structural spans, reducing the amount of beams and columns overall.

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