Why We're Different

The Tepper School of Business — alongside Carnegie Mellon University — is set apart because our culture, campus and community are shaped by a mission to change the world in ways that haven’t existed before.

We don’t simply keep pace with business practice...we invent them. Not all business schools are created equal, and yet all business schools have something special to offer. What we offer is a remarkable experience that results in a mindset and skills specially developed for a world that is highly complex, technologically driven and data-oriented. Business is urgently seeking leaders with an advanced level of preparation, equipped to bring their ideas, teams and organizations into a marketplace where creativity, strategy and ability transform how business gets done.

Our Key Differentiators

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A Collaborative Campus & The Tepper Quad

Our “interconnected” model is a transformative leap within management education. Located at the center of Carnegie Mellon’s campus, the Tepper Quad is the hub that embeds campus-wide research, academics and student life among the university’s top-ranked colleges in computer science, engineering, the arts, policy and life sciences.

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Technology That Leads the World

Carnegie Mellon is world-renowned for pioneering artificial intelligence and advancing numerous technology fields such as robotics, big data, entertainment, autonomous motion and software engineering. The Tepper School prepares students for 21st century technological changes via an emphasis on understanding and applying technology within a business context.

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Analytics Pioneered Here

Our business school challenged conventional problem-solving approaches with the introduction of management science, and our reputation continues to build as business and society confront a marketplace with ubiquitous data. We remain the global leader for complex, creative problem-solving with an academic focus that ensures mastery of advanced analytical approaches.

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Intellectual Capital

Our faculty have always advanced the frontiers of knowledge with path-breaking and interdisciplinary research collaboration with other Carnegie Mellon programs. Ours is a discovery-oriented culture where research is integrated into the classroom in order to ensure that our students and faculty are studying concepts long before they appear in textbooks.

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Entrepreneurship at Tepper

At the Tepper School, we view entrepreneurship as a campus-wide collaborative effort. The interconnected CMU campus — with the Tepper Quad at its center — is a destination for entrepreneurs, VC firms and startups. Business school students and faculty have constant access to a global, lifelong network that spans industries, business models and continents.

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Personalized Leadership Development

We know leaders are made, not just born, and leverage our small size and intimate community for personalized, one-on-one leadership development. Leadership is an ongoing curricular and co-curricular opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students via the Business Leadership Endeavor initiative and the Accelerate Leadership Center, respectively.