Entrepreneurship at the Tepper School

Our success in the entrepreneurial arena is a reflection of the culture of innovation and collaboration that exists within Carnegie Mellon University.

The Tepper School of Business was one of the first schools in the world to offer entrepreneurship education, beginning in 1971.

Our innovation ecosystem contributes to an environment in which top talent generates and pursues groundbreaking ideas, and then transforms those innovations into viable commercial businesses. The work that originates here — from software engineering and robotics to advanced materials, design and everything in between — is driven by people whose thinking knows no boundaries.

Our Entrepreneurial Vision


The study of entrepreneurship provides students with far more than the tools necessary to start a business; it spurs students' development as leaders and innovators in whatever field they choose. Students motivated to be agents of change, to drive growth and to innovate in organizations of all sizes, can hone their skills and make essential business connections through the study of entrepreneurship.

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The Entrepreneurship MBA track at the Tepper School is designed to provide MBA students with the tools, experiences and support necessary to facilitate development as a leader and innovator in their chosen field or industry. In sync with Carnegie Mellon’s interdisciplinary strengths, students collaborate closely with faculty, researchers and other students at our top-ranked programs including engineering, product development, computer science, robotics and design.

Explore the Entrepreneurship MBA track at the Tepper School.


Cross-Campus Collaboration & The Tepper Quad

Icon_Collaboration_Entrepreneurship_170x158 jpgThe foundation of entrepreneurship at the Tepper School and Carnegie Mellon is built on academic and experiential learning. The Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship, a campus-wide interdisciplinary center that brings together the elements of business, technology and design to foster innovation, will accelerate its activities in the fall of 2018 with the opening of the Tepper Quad.

In collaboration with the Swartz Center, the quad will provide a campus hub for the university’s entrepreneurial activities, including networking and mentoring opportunities via student clubs, treks to Silicon Valley, alumni panels, investor showcases, and exposure to Carnegie Mellon's startup culture.


Startup Culture

200+ Startups

Our graduates satisfy their entrepreneurial drive in many ways: starting a venture, joining an emerging company, bringing an entrepreneurial perspective to corporations or acquiring a business right after graduation.

Carnegie Mellon has launched more than 200 startups in the last decade. Among the hundreds of niche and national companies launched are ModCloth, acquired by Wal-Mart in 2017, Simple, acquired by BBVA in 2014, LearnBop, acquired by K12, Inc. in 2014, BlackLocus, acquired by Home Depot in 2012, RoBotany, Wigle Whiskey and Flip Video Camera, acquired by Cisco in 2009.